makiWe feel that not all children are ready for five days in school at these early ages.  Therefore, Chalkboard Preschool offers not only a five day program but two and three day programs also.  These programs are available for all age groups and you choose the number of days you want your child to attend.  The attitude of The Chalkboard Preschool is to provide for your child an environment that will influence his or her natural curiosity both intellectually and socially while at the same time retain your child’s individuality.  The curriculum will emphasize art, crafts, cooking, music, science and all types of play activities.  Although there is not a heavy emphasis on readiness, we feel it is something the children are learning through our daily activities.  We do not always stick to a rigid schedule.  If a learning experience presents itself the teachers and children will take advantage of it.  At the same time the program strives to teach respect for personal belongings and the belongings of others.  It is very important for the children to learn how to get along with their peer groups.

Printable Spring 2018 Curriculum PDF, Click to download!

Mon, March 5               “Let’s Make Music!” Musical note collages
Tues. March 6               and making kazoos.
Wed. March 7                Xylophones and “air Guitar”!
Thurs. March 8             “Boom Bah” Putting together a kitchen band. Painting to
Fri. March 10                 music and talking about how music makes us feel.

Mon. March 12             Working on traps to try and catch the leprechauns, lots
Tues. March 13             of shamrocks and pots of gold.
Wed. March 14             Celebrating “Pi Day” playing Pie Face and enjoying pie for snack.
Thurs. March 15           St. Patrick’s Day fun! Making silly leprechaun masks and
Fri. March 16                hunting leprechauns. Wear green!!

Mon. March 19             Creating pretty Easter eggs.
Tues. March 20            “Teddy Bear Picnics” Gently waking our hibernating
Wed. March 21              bears. BRING YOUR FAVORITE BEAR TO OUR PICNINC
Thurs. March 22           “It’s Not Easy Being a Bunny” The adventures of P.J.
Fri. March 23                 Funnybunny and lots of bunny projects.

                          SPRING BREAK MONDAY,  MARCH 26 – FRIDAY, MARCH 30

Mon. April 2                 Exploring the neighborhood for signs of Spring and
Tues. April 3                 making pretty Matzoh covers for Passover.
Wed. April 4                 Caterpillars and Butterflies
Thurs. April 5               “Are You My Mother” Birds and nests
Fri. April 6                     Pretty Spring flowers and kites.

Mon. April 9                 Busy days on the farm! Muddy pigs,
Tues. April 10               sheep, spotted cows,
Wed. April 11                barns and tractors.
Thurs. April 12             “The Carrot Seed” Spring planning and learning
Fri. April 13                   what gardens need to grow.

Mon. April 16                “Game Days!” Playing board games, Bingo,
Tues. April 17                 Twister and Charades.
Wed. April 18                 “Kid’s Choice Day” The kids will plan our art, story and snack!
Thurs. April 19               How can we take care of the Earth?
Fri. April 20                    Recycled art projects.

Mon. April 23                 Enjoying many wonderful stories by Eric Carle. Making
Tues. April 24                 mixed up chameleons and fun with tissue art. “Pancake
Wed. April 25                 Pancake” and “Papa Please Get The Moon For Me”.
Thurs. April 26               Spinning webs with “The Very Busy Spider” and
Fri. April 27                    “A House for Hermit Crab”.

Mon. April 30                 “Kids In The Kitchen” Designing chef hats, preparing
Tues. May 1                      our own snacks, kitchen collages, and
Wed. May 2                      practicing our kitchen skills.
Thurs. May 3                   Fun kitchen science.
Fri. May 4                        Fun kitchen science.

Mon. May 7                     Busy preparing for our
Tues. May 8                ]   Mother’s Day
Wed. May 9                     Celebrations!
Fri. May 11                      SHOULD PLAN TO JOIN US FOR SNACK EITHER
………………………………..THURSDAY OR FRIDAY 11:15 OR 3:15

Mon. May 14                   Making flyers and banks for our annual
Tues. May 15                   Bake Sales!!!!
Wed. May 16                   More info. to follow.
Thurs. May 17                 BAKE SALE 11:15 and 3:15
Fri. May 18                      BAKE SALE 11:15 and 3:15

Mon. May 21                  Wild West Days. Designing fancy boots,
Tues. May 22                 hats and bolo ties.
Wed. May 23                  Horseshoes, armadillos and cacti!
Thurs. May 24               Signing around the campfire! PLEASE BRING A SMALL
Fri. May 25                    BAG OF TRAIL MIX INGREDIENT (CEREAL, RAISINS, ETC.)

Mon. May 28                NO SCHOOL – MEMORIAL DAY
Tues. May 29                Decorating our room and
Wed. May 30                preparing for
Thurs. May 31              Graduation!!!
Fri. June 1                     GRADUATION – ALL CHILDREN, GRADUATING OR NOT,
………………………………RETURN AT 11:15 OR 3:15 FOR THE PROGRAM.

Printable Spring 2018 Curriculum PDF, Click to download!


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