Chalkboard Preschool has been teaching children through play and social engagement since 1978. We continue to focus on using our hands and imaginations as well as learning how to be good friends, good listeners, and good at following directions. We do this through a variety of activities that hone different skills that our students will need when they get to kindergarten.

We provide an informal learning experience for 15-17 children under the direction of our two teachers and at least one aide. The purpose of Chalkboard Preschool is to provide an environment for children from ages 2 1/2 to 5 years old that will influence his or her natural curiosity both intellectually and socially, while at the same time retaining the child’s individuality. The curriculum emphasizes art, crafts, science, music, and all types of play activities but running through everything we do is the idea that the world is filled with people who look different, speak different languages, eat different foods, have different cultures and experiences, and that we should never fear those differences but embrace them, learn from them, try new things and explore this amazing world either in real life or through our imaginations.

Chalkboard Preschool practices multi-age grouping because we feel children learn as much or more from each other as they do from teachers, the more differences among and between children, the more learning takes place. Age levels are actually just a convenient way to organize and mean little as far as similarity of instructional needs. The children with less skill profit from the more able, the more able children gain because they have the opportunity to see their knowledge benefiting others.

Chalkboard has building materials, transportation toys, dramatic play materials such as dolls, dress-up clothes, and play food, manipulative materials such as puzzles and peg boards, creative materials such as easels, paints, clay and crayons. We have hundreds of story and picture books, instruments of all kinds, and a number of gross motor skills activities. We also make use of the neighborhood parks and playgrounds such as Bauler and the Chess Park and go on walks to observe how the seasons change and the nature that can be found in the city. We do not always stick to a rigid schedule. If a learning experience presents itself the teachers and children will take advantage of it.

We provide 2-3 teacher driven crafts per day which support our theme for the week. The children are read to daily, have opportunities for both physical and quiet play, and our teachers monitor their social and emotional learning, tailoring activities towards the children’s interests, strengths and weaknesses.

Our goal is not just to prepare them for kindergarten but to set a foundation of learning for our students. We want them to continue to be curious, kind, and always excited to explore and embrace, whether it be new environments, cultures, or experiences. We aim to lay the groundwork for them to be not only good students, but great people.


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