The Chalkboard is a preschool for children between the ages of 2 ½ through 5.  It is Located at 450 W. Menomonee, 1800 north, in Old Town Chicago.  The school opens for the season the middle of September and runs through the first week of June.  We also offer a summer camp from the third week of June through the middle of August.

There are two sessions a day, Monday thru Friday.  The hours of the morning session are 9:00a.m. – 12:00p.m. and the hours for the afternoon session are 1:00p.m. – 4:00p.m.

The play equipment that has been selected for the preschool enables the teachers to achieve the goals of the curriculum.  The equipment provides experience for quiet and active play.  For example, there are building materials, transportation toys, dramatic play materials such as dolls, dress-up clothes and housekeeping toys, manipulative materials such as puzzles and peg boards, creative materials such as easels, paints, clay and crayons.  There are story and picture books, instruments and a climbing apparatus. The preschool also makes use of our outdoor sandboxes, riding toys and the neighborhood parks.

Our schedule of daily activities is available on our web site. Please check it daily to assure your child has what they need for the day.

Please help your child remember to keep toys at home unless they are meaningful in some special way to the theme of the week.  Books they would like us to read to the class are always welcome.  If we ask for special items to be brought from home, PLEASE LABEL CLEARLY.

Dress your child in simple washable play clothes!  Please label all jackets, boots, sweaters and mittens.  Please send a change of clothing for your child to keep at school in a clearly labeled plastic shoe box.  Dress your child according to the weather since outdoor activities are often planned.

Parents are welcome to share a special talent.  Check the schedules to see where you might fit in.  Participation assures your child that you are interested in what he or she is doing and gives you a chance to see your child’s relationship with other children in the classroom environment.  Although parent participation is not required, parents are welcome anytime.

We are looking forward to providing an enriching school experience for your child during the school year.

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