We feel that not all children are ready for five days in school at these early ages.  Therefore, Chalkboard Preschool offers not only a five day program but two and three day programs also.  These programs are available for all age groups and you choose the number of days you want your child to attend.  The attitude of The Chalkboard Preschool is to provide for your child an environment that will influence his or her natural curiosity both intellectually and socially while at the same time retain your child’s individuality.  The curriculum will emphasize art, crafts, cooking, music, science and all types of play activities.  Although there is not a heavy emphasis on readiness, we feel it is something the children are learning through our daily activities.  We do not always stick to a rigid schedule.  If a learning experience presents itself the teachers and children will take advantage of it.  At the same time the program strives to teach respect for personal belongings and the belongings of others.  It is very important for the children to learn how to get along with their peer groups.

Printable Spring 2019 Curriculum PDF, Click to download!

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