Enrollment Info

Thank you for your interest in Chalkboard Preschool!

We have rolling admissions which means that we take children throughout the school year as opposed to having an enrollment deadline. We do this because we know families move to new cities all year round and we like to provide a safe, welcoming space for those families who are new to the area. We’ve had many students come from all over the world (Turkey, Italy, China, Australia, France, Japan, New Zealand, Korea, Spain, Russia) and we are always happy to have children who speak very little or no English join us.

We welcome students from all over the city as well of course! Even if you feel tuition might be out of reach for your family, we encourage you to call Amanda as we are more than happy to provide financial assistance to those who need it.

Please call (773/255-7352) or email (chalkboardpreschool@outlook.com) Amanda Betts to discuss registering your child for this or next school year or summer camp. I will be happy to answer any of your questions, tell you all about what we do at Chalkboard and set up time for you to come by and see our space. The above is my cell number so please feel free to call after regular work hours or on the weekends if that is most convenient for you.